myth of economic growth

Endless growth in a world of limits / resources / boundaries is simply not possible. What we need is “green” growth, while we need a clear “conventional” degrowth. What we need is a growth of quality time for ourselves, for our family and good friendships. We need a growth of reflectiveness, a growth of humanity, compassion, a feeling of “we and “us”. What we don’t need is to own more and more products. What we don’t need is more and more meaningless consumption of energy, resources and products.
And yes, we still need businesses to provide jobs, services and products  and tax money to run our society.

nudges for a better world

As people tent to stay stacked in their old lifestyle pattern it is important to create meaningful nudges for a change to the better. One very effective way is to make good things cheaper and bad things more expensive.

Quite easily the economy of common goods can be used and adopted. Also the Life Cyle Assessment can play one vital role in the common googs evalutation.

Thus said we promote 3 different tax systems based on the impact of our common goods. These taxes are reevaluated each year based on new gained scientific evidence. While step by step establishing one common EU tax system and step by step increasing the taxes on Products which are not for our common goods, other taxes like e.g. wage tax (especially for the lower incomes) shall be reduced at the same time. Also all subsidies shall be step by step canceled, as well as all extra taxes on top of certain things. Most, if not all, shall be regulated by the following 3 taxes. Everything else shall be left to an open and free market, to develop and produce better and better solutions for a better world.

In order to protect the EU market possible custom regulation will be needed.

local business tax

We shall have a common local business tax all over Europe, differentiated by the impact on our common goods.

resource tax

All materialistic resources shall become the same resource tax all around the EU. The income of the resource tax shall get immediately and only in an EU pension fund. The height of the resource tax and the pension given, shall be evaluated interdependent between each other, and like the other taxes reeavluated each year. In the beginning the given pension shall be different in each member state according to their living costs.